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Gurugram or Gurgaon is India's driving IT and business centre, it has been experiencing a lot of infrastructural change and improvement in the past decade and has evolved into a hub for all the IT and corporate activities... Gurgaon became home to over four hundred MNC’s and is spotted with glamorous shopping centers, energizing social scenes, rich eateries, and interesting exhibition halls. In addition to being a corporate hub it also has a lot to do in terms of entertainment and leisure, you can take a voyage through India's vintage vehicle history at the Heritage Transport Museum, devour Parsi cuisine at the Soda Bottle Opener or enjoy some retail treatment at the sprawling shopping centres such as the Ambience Mall Gurgaon.

Places in Gurgaon to visit:-

1) Explore the Heritage Transport Museum:

India's first transport exhibition hall guarantees to awe each and every visitor, whether you are a beginner or a vehicle aficionado. With its fortune trove of vintage autos, transports, bikes. Spread more than 90,000 square feet, the four-story gallery will surely inspire on and all.

Perch Service Apartments (sector 40) to Heritage Transport Museum: 32 Kms

2) Shop at Ambience Mall:

Packed with an entire bundle of shopping, excitement, and culinary offerings, Ambiance shopping centre is a most loved shopping mall in Gurgaon NCR.  It is the preferred choice for high-end or luxury customers who are inclined toward global brands. Stocking all the significant-high road names from Lancome, Lacoste to even BMW and Audi cars.

Perch Grove Apartments to Ambience Mall: 10 kms

3) Catch a social show at Epicenter:

The epicentre is the biggest and most established social focus in Gurgaon. On any given day, it has shows, plays, music and move exhibitions, film screenings, talks and other social occasions.

Perch Service Apartments (sector 40) to Epicenter: 2 Kms

4) Dinner and beverages at Striker Pub and Brewery:

Located on the primary floor of the worldwide hall shopping center on Golf Course Road, Striker bar and microbrewery is one of Gurgaon's most loved breweries. It attracts visitors from the world over who come to take a taste at the microbrewery.

Perch Grove Apartments to Ambience Mall: 4.5 kms

Stay in Gurgaon:-

What are the best places to stay in Gurgaon?

One of the direct results of the corporate boom at Gurgaon has been the increase in the number of Service Apartments, Villas and rented accommodation in Gurgaon. There are numerous options for staying in Gurgaon, you can choose an extravagant villa, an inn, or even a Service Apartment in Gurugram. There are quite a few good options for the same and with the central locations available Gurgaon provides various options that are ideal and provide a lot of convenience to the vacationers. The advent of a number of OTA (online travel agents) has also made booking a room in Gurgaon really easy. The sheer number of choices has also helped a lot, as in terms of bookings now customers can look at the property in a complete 360 view and number of photographs and also see numerous verified reviews as well. The filters available also come in very handy- so you can in essence now be able to select an apartment based on your specific requirements, budget or even essential features that are dear to you. Although, Booking through an OTA might fetch you an extra charge as OTA’s charge hotels for the service but if you book with us directly you’ll get amazing discounts much lower than what OTA’s has to offer.

What are the best places to stay in Gurgaon?

Our Service Apartments in Gurgaon (Gurugram) are some of the best locations to live in Gurgaon. We have luxury service apartments in Sector 40, Sohna Road, Cyber City as well as Sector 45 Greenwood City. Located in green gated sectors, beautiful high-rise complexes – our furnished apartments for rent in Gurgaon will definitely give you the quaint experience, because when you stay with us then you definitely live in some of the best areas to live in Gurgaon, with so many options comes to the obvious question- how do I book the perfect room or service apartment in Gurgaon?  The sheer options can be overwhelming but luckily there are methods how you can make your choice easier. Here are some of the best places to live in Gurgaon.

Here are a few of the best places to live in Gurgaon:-

1) Service Apartment in DLF city, phase 3:

This location is encompassed by extravagant domains, eateries, shopping centres, multiplexes, Schools, Colleges and so on, thus truly making it Gurgaon’s crown jewel. The highlight of this location is definitely the DLF golf and country club, and the nation club.

2) Service Apartment in Sector 49, Sohna Road Gurgaon:

Rapidly growing and a large number of companies have moved their offices here. It has many places where one can find top-notch Service and Studio Apartment in Gurgaon for Rent.

3) Sushant Lok and near Galleria Market Gurgaon:

The Sushant Lok section 2 is additionally a lavish region to live in. There are numerous lavish flats and in addition, corporate houses show here.

4) Old Gurgaon- Sector 14 and Sector 15:

This place too is encompassed by numerous eminent lodgings, loft, schools, and shopping centres. What's more, anyone can locate their essential needs here pretty effortlessly. There are homes as well where one can undoubtedly remain.MG Road Known as the Mall strip of Gurgaon. This place is loaded with private condos, eateries, shopping centres and so forth. With top-notch connectivity, it is in the epicentre of Gurgaon and has public transport to boot. Ideal for people working in or near DLF Cyber City.

5) Golf Course Road:

Gurugrams answer to Delhi’s Golf Links is the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. It has some of the best real estate and commercial properties in India. The one horizon tower is supposed to be the most expensive office space in the whole country, with amazing views, rapid metro and wide roads it is little wonder that it has emerged as a preferred destiny for Service apartments in Gurgaon.

What are the various kinds of Service Apartments available in Gurgaon?

Short Stay visitors to Gurgaon

A short stay to Gurgaon maybe defined as anything from 1 day upto 7 days. In this case you maybe traveling with friends or family and maybe looking for a service apartment that has cooking as well as adequate living space. The choices in this segment in Gurgaon are plenty and we have linked to the service apartments that are most suitable from the Perch portfolio as well. 

Luxury Service Apartments for short stays

Generally luxury service apartments are fully serviced and are located in bespoke building. Luxury service apartments have daily service, housekeeping, laundry, security as well as food service. There will of course be in room kitchens in the apartments, but the choice to order from the restaurant is also there. Generally luxury service apartments are larger in size (2BHK or 3 BHK) and are intended for larger groups or people who want more space. 

One of the best examples of Luxury service apartments is our building in Sector 40, close to Unitech Cyber Park. This building is called “The Perch” and all the apartments are luxury apartments. 

Furnished Flats for short stays

The other option for short stays is to stay in a furnished flat instead of a proper service apartments. There are pros and cons of this as the furnished flat, while comfortable will not have all the facilities of a proper service apartment. A proper service apartment would have daily housekeeping, wifi, TV, laundry as well as some sort of food service. While a furnished flat does serve the purpose for a few days it may not be the best choice for long stays or if coming with a family. Some of the furnished flats we have for short stays are located on Sohna Road and in the Central Park Room complex. 

Studio Apartments on rent for Short Stays

In Gurgaon, now there are a range of studio apartments that are suitable for short stays. In almost all the location including Golf Course road, MG Road, Sohna Road and Cyber City there are a number of studio options available to clients. Generally studios serve two purposes - either they are for short stays for a single travelers. Or they are suitable for a family that has come for a short period of time. There are also cases where corporates like to book studios for longer durations like months to years. There is a convenience in this - the corporate can come to Gurgaon for work and not worry about their accommodation. Everything including food, furnishings, cleaning. Laundry is taken care of. Of course of they would like to cook in their apartment they can do that, In addition there is no hassle of a long term lease or commitment unlike in a furnished flat where they have to pay security as well as any additional charges. Some of the options for studio apartments in Gurgaon are Perch Studios on MG Road and Perch Studios near Cyber City. 

Studio Apartments on rent for long stays

With studios there is always the option of staying for the longer term like a few months to even a year. This means that everything is taken care of you and all you need to do is ensure that the studio is suitable for you. With long term stays it is essential to ensure that the studio has adequate light and fresh air - so a balcony may indeed be very useful. In addition a small kitchen in the studio means that you are not eating out all the time. There is always the opportunity to cook a small meal or re heat a ready made meal. That means that you will be eating healthy. Also some of the studios will offer you breakfast so that is one meal you dont have to worry about. In addition with the long term stay, usually there is no lease or security deposit. All you may have to do is pay the month to month rent and one month notice. If you are the kind of person who would like everything taken care of for them then a studio apartment for the long term makes a lot of sense. These are the Perch properties that have the option of long term stays - Perch MG Road and Perch Service Cyber City. 

Luxury Service Apartments for long stays

In terms of long stay service apartments, the basic requirements of clients are the same - hassle free stay, no lease / lock in, no security deposit as well as the ability to have a well serviced apartment. Luxury service apartments generally are larger - wither 2 BHK or 3 /4 BHK in size. These apartments then also have all the services and amenities - kitchens, laundry services, security, daily housekeeping as well as assistance with anything. Most of our long term service apartment buildings are located in central locations in Gurgaon. These service apartments are quite popular with families, social groups as well as guests who appreciate space. Some of the locations we have luxury service apartment are Golf Course Road, MG Road, Cyber City, Sohna Road and HUDA City. Check out some of our best luxury service apartments here - luxury service apartment near Sushant Lok, luxury service apartments near Golf Course Road and luxury service apartments near HUDA city Metro station