Perch License Model- Launch in 90 Days or Less

Starting a new property busines can be incredibly challenging. We can reduce your risk by giving you the expertise to manage the entire rental process from sales, marketing, branding and booking. In addition to all the SOP, the online booking infra, we will also give you our PMS System - Finner which will help you get up and running in 90 days or less. The result? Higher income and more repeat sales by being of one of the fast growing and trusted Service Apartment Company in India.

Taking a new property and making it operationally cash flow positive in 90 days. Or taking a property that is losing money and making it break even within 6 months. There is no one fit all solution - sometimes its a revenue problem and other times its cost problem - usually theft, unpaid bills or poor accounting.


Licensing Model is Perfect for New Properrties

We will take a new property and making it operationally cash flow positive in 90 days. Or take a property that is losing money and making it break even within 6 months. There is no one fit all solution - sometimes its a revenue problem and other times its cost problem - usually theft, unpaid bills or poor accounting.
‚ÄćProperty Launch (90 Day Process)
Number of properties launched or turned around- 34,
* Average Occupancy - 72% in 6 months
* Our Guarantee - 10 or more bookings in 4 Weeks (or we don't get paid)
* Bookings, reservations, marketing setup
* Realtime view of finances - Finner PMS Setup
* Basic phone sales training / taking online payments

What happens in the first 30 days?

1st Payment covers our team costs including advertising your property online (including landing page, OTA and online presence) and running ads for it. You will set up a dedicated 24/7 phone desk which will receive and fulfill bookings via online payments. We then agree on a certain number of extra bookings you should see in month 2 for the full PMS / operations implementation and you pay us weekly from the extra income you make. If we don't perform all you lose 1st fee - but the full investment would be in your marketing, and sales to get it operational. However, if you are not satisfied with the 1st month, we still fully set you up on the Finner PMS and train you how to use it. You will then not be obligated to make any more payments

Reduce the Risk to your Property Launch - Get to Breakeven Faster

We have built our business on the principals of customer satisfaction, adherence to regulations and employee engagement. Now the objective of the licensing model is that we work with your team toget you setup fully. Then we implement some of the essential functions (esp in sales, reservations and marketing) that may otherwise take you several years to understand. This will help get you to breakeven faster through our proven model. Specific details of the work are shown below.

Website & Online Adverts

In addition to your brand site, in the initial days you will require advertising on various channels (as you dont have a presence yet) like Google Ads, Facebook. This will help generate some initial bookings while we work on the important OTA component. In addition, as your brand site gets launched, it will also get some initial leads for you.

Now whether you are looking at starting a service / corporate accomodation business, or looking at a stand alone Guesthouse / Boutque hotel, you will require all these essential functions. We have also helped 10+ Hostels setup their operations within 90 days for successful launch & profitability.

Online Travel Channels - Essential for New Businesses

There are roughly 25 Online Travel Channels that are present in India. However not all of them are equally relevant. When we work with you we identify the tio 3 that we need to focus on in the first 60 days. We then help with everything related to OTA including descriptions, setup, pricing strategy and also promotions (as many OTA run their own promotions). This will ensure that you get your batch of first few clients who can give you great reviews and then the cycle starts again.

Additionally we will also help train your staff in terms of how to get great reviews and the process of ensuring that the ratings / review cycle stays strong - ensuring long term sustainability of your business.

Property Management System & Email Marketing

In addition to the marketing, sales system, you will also need a proper reservations and Finance system. This is where our system Finner comes in. Finner can help streamline all your invoicing and billing. It is GST compliant and has e - invoicing as well. Additionally it is also able to show you all your billing, expenses, reservations at the click of a button. One of the issues many new businesses face is that their invoices to corporates gets rejected or they end up making critical errros in terms of accounting and finance. This is something we will help get fully setup as well. You wont have to worry about transferring data from your PMS to accounting system like Tally as we will help set that up as well.

Property Core Functions & Guest Reviews

We can help you scale your business quickly by providing access to your systems and processes, allowing them to add more properties as demand grows. You can gain a competitive advantage over businesses that are not as willing to share their expertise and resources. This way not only will you have all the expertise to run a property well, get to financial breakeven - but you will also have the expertise on what it takes to manage staff, guests etc. One of the bedrocks of this business is getting better reviews - and there is a process to it. We will show you how to manage the guest experience from start to finish that results in the much vaunted 5 star review!

Get to your dream business - without the risk of execution

Make the most out of your real estate investments - relevant for owners of new Service Apartments, Guest Houses, Hostels / PGs & Boutique Hotels.

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